Kids Birthday Parties


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Attention Parents:

Want to know the easiest way possible to make your child’s party one that they’ll talk about for years?

The Gift of Magic Can Make Your Child’s Birthday Party One Of Their Most Memorable Days Ever!


Photogragh by Todd Nelson Jr.

“Todd came for our son’s 5th birthday party and we all had a wonderful time! The kids were fascinated by the magic and having them actually assist in the tricks was a great idea. Todd interacted well with all of them, and my son still can’t figure out how the cookies appeared at the end. Overall it was a very entertaining way to spend a wintry birthday afternoon.”
-Eunice Wang – East Amherst, NY

Friday, November 22, 2019

Dear Parent,

Imagine a birthday party so filled with magic and fun that your child remembers it forever


I guarantee it! Your child is the star in an entertainment package that features comedy, magic and surprises for all of the kids. Your child and guests will experience a series of magical moments, where things appear, disappear, float and end up in crazy places.  For the big finalé, your child will be transformed into a chef, and will magically bake a batch of cookies for the rest of the guests!

Discover how easy it is to throw a party that will create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Click here to fill out the information below & I’ll email you complete show and pricing details of what I offer.


Todd Nelson

~The Most Amazing* family entertainer in the Buffalo, NY area~

*Todd’s audiences have been known to yell out “Todd, That’s Amazing!!” during the show 🙂



photograph by  Noelle Forzani

The performance was stunning!! Thank you so much!!! You made my son’s birthday one that he and his friends have not stopped talking about! You are a true entertainer – you entertained both the children and the parents! That is a real gift! Don’t know how you managed that newspaper trick, but it was GREAT! Fantastic job!
-Sarah Quintieri – Amherst, NY

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